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Imagine: you drop one tiny piece of shortcode into a page or post and make that content or video explode and work 5x harder than it ever did before.

Wouldn’t that be great?

More clicks, more conversions… and all with the traffic you have right now.


Content is KING, but not when its DEAD

It’s a fact; most of us have a ton of content or videos just sitting there… Content as they say is King… & people love it. But unless you’re doing these 2 things… then that content is dead… or dying!


Why did you build those website?…

If you built website after website for fun or so people could just browse and enjoy at their leisure…and at your cost; then this probably isn’t for you.


5X More Clicks! = More Profits…

However if you’re like most of us, and built those websites to make money – then look out for the email I’ll send you tomorrow and I’ll explain how you and anyone else can squeeze five times the profit out of what you already have by simply adding this one piece of code.




Subjects: ShockSpots Is NOT Groundbreaking [LOOK]

Subjects: RE: 1 Piece Of Code Boosts profits and Clicks by 100 – 400%

Subjects: Make you Traffic work 5X harder [Tiny Tweak]


Shock Spots… what’s all the fuss about, what’s the big deal?


Is this for REAL?

Let me be clear Shock Spots is not a technical breakthrough – it’s not ground-breaking cloud based software…

And it won’t make your morning coffee…


But if you have a WP website with content – then Shock Spots will generate a tiny piece of Shortcode which you can drop into any post or page to make it 5x more profitable without any additional work, money or traffic.


A simple, lightweight WP plugin that turns what you already have into more clicks and more commission.

Take a look at this video now: [LINK]



Subject: Your Content Sucks & Your Profits are DOWN

Subject: [Re: Your Website] Your Links No Longer Visible…

Subject: [Re: Your Website] its Boring & I Can’t see a LINK


Your Content Sucks & Your Profits are DOWN


OK, so that wasn’t meant to be insulting… and I’m sure that your content is actually very good, but I’m also sure that earnings from many of the content based sites you have has dropped.


Am I right?

Want to know why… I’ll tell you; people are immune to your website, and not just yours; I mean everyone’s.


Sure you have great content, interesting videos even visitors… but what’s the point? You built those sites to make money right?


Ad blindness

You’ve probably heard the phrase ad blindness or banner blindness here and there, and you probably haven’t taken too much notice.

But it is a problem for site large and small just like yours and mine. The internet isn’t new anymore; people see websites everyday… hundreds and hundreds of websites which all have the same layout.

The result – Nobody Clicks

Nobody clicks you banner in the top right corner… nobody clicks your text links. And as for Pop-ups, ohh they just annoy people.


The Old Way… Forget it, it’s done – You’re wasting your time.

You are… I mean you really are wasting your time and you are losing money – nobody is going to click – Unless you do this: WATCH [LINK]

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